About us


Shanghai Yantong Translations is a duly registered translation agency based in Shanghai. Specializing in such industries as real estate, marketing, law, finance, IT hardware, engineering, construction as well as localization, we are one of the most professional translation agencies in Shanghai. Our core competitiveness resides in serving real estate, legal, financing and marketing industries, and our prominent services are recognized and praised by Top 500 companies and leading organizations.

Our agency features a team of professional translators and linguistic talents graduated from the most prestigious foreign language universities in China and abroad, most of whom are master degrees holders in languages or in translation and have cultivated in translation industry for more than 7 years.

Being professional is the herald of success. We only assign source documents and consulting jobs to the translators and consultants who have expertise in the target field of the target language and have an eye for detail. In better serving our clients, we implement a set of well-designed assurance procedures to optimize our services and render them to our clients in a timely manner.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional translating, interpreting and other language-involved services to our customers. Quality and customer satisfaction are essence of our services. Quality is the key factor that sets us apart from our competitors and keeps us improving. Customer satisfaction is the benchmark for us to check the quality of our services.

We aim to provide accurate, native and professional translating and interpreting services as well as value-added business consulting services to our clients.