Business Consultancy

Following the tide of globalization and modernization, all the countries are reaching out to other countries for new business opportunities, innovative technologies, diverse exotic cultures and lifestyles. Communicating across borders cannot be accomplished without removal of language barriers.

With the help of our translators or interpreters, you don’t have to learn a foreign language from the scratch. You can do business, make deals and make friends with Chinese people smoothly as if you were a professional linguist.

However, we are doing more than that. Aside from language services, our agency also provides business consulting services to our clients, including but not limited to business brokerage, Investment soliciting, exhibition representation, legal professionals sourcing, due diligence, airport shuttle service as well as local procurement representation.

Business Brokerage

Even though the world is highly globalized, each country still has its own regulatory and cultural ecosystems. To seek a business partner in a foreign country, a company or individual is highly advised to have a local representative knowing the differences between the two countries. Not only are our business brokers the experts knowing the languages of both countries, but they also excel in and are good at tackling the tricky environments thereof.

Our business brokerage services include:

Search potential business sellers or buyers;
Price queries;
Develop comprehensive Information Memorandum;
Marketing; increase your exposure to prospective buyers;
Screen buyers for ability to complete a purchase;
Coordinate negotiations;
Provide overall deal management to guide our client through the entire process;
Help maintain confidentiality of the sale;
Hourly consulting for a fee, based on our client's needs.


Investment Soliciting

Cross-border investing activities are very frequent in the modern business world. As a translation agency operating for years, we developed a huge client base, in which many HNWIs want us to find appropriate and profitable overseas projects for them to invest. However, we reach out to our previous or existing clients only when they expressed to us their intentions to find overseas investing opportunities.

To increase your business solicitations further across China, we have partners working as full-time investment solicitors and who are at your disposal at any time. We’ve assisted in soliciting investors for EB5 projects and overseas vineyards.




Exhibition Representation

Small or medium businesses may find it quite costly to travel overseas for business exhibitions and trade shows, especially those selling small products (e.g. power connectors, stationery, calculators) or services (such as real estate agencies, travel agencies and design studios). Our agency can help those businesses by attending the exhibitions and shows on behalf of them.

Before going to the exhibition, we can receive your product training online. After being ready with the knowledge, we print your posters, set up and arrange the booth as well as appoint the person being online trained by you to pitch your products, distribute your catalogs/pitching materials and collect buyer leads in the booth during the exhibition session. With our help, you can save a great amount of cost and have the pitching effect as good as you were there.


Legal Professionals Sourcing

Cross-border legal assistance is tricky due to different jurisdictions and languages of both sides. The legalese in the context of common law and that of civil law are also very different and hard to command of except by a linguists. Fortunately among our translation business clients are many law firms and legal consultants, which allows us to reach out to the local legal professionals in China very easily. If you need any legal professional to deal with your legal issues, we can scan our database to find the appropriate candidate for you. With our help, you can enjoy the following legal services sitting in your home:

Retaining a Chinese attorney/paralegal
Litigation follow-up and court orders application
Legal document writing, review and translating
Legal strategy & planning
Comprehensive law firm support
Contract attorney services


The attorney candidates we find for you are all admitted by local bars and with active lawyer license status. They are well experienced and specialized in your target legal areas.

Airport Shuttle Service

No matter you are visiting China for business or sightseeing, especially when you are here with your families, you would always like to take a larger sedan and have pleasant and hassle-free experiences. Most of the unpleasant experiences usually occur en route from the airport to the hotel. If you want you and your families to be happy all the way, and you want someone who can speak your language to accompany you during the journey between the airport and your hotel, contact us to arrange a sedan or MPV to pick you up or drop you off at the airport.



Local Procurement Representation

If you want to purchase business equipments, daily consumables or any legit product from China, our agency can always help you. Engaging us to do your local procurement would feature barrier-free communication between us with regards to your target products, your requirements as well as the transaction terms due to our unique linguistic advantages.

Aside from helping you purchase products from China, we can also serve as your logistics station to receive your goods that cannot be shipped directly to your country from the seller. We would help in delivering your goods to the international carriers for the final shipment.