Real estate text translation is our core competitiveness, and we’ve served lots of EB5 regional centers, builders and one of the most important overseas real property listing platform for several years. We have a team of professional and experienced real estate translators who can handle your translation needs accurately, punctually and consummately.


Legal translation is a highly specialized field that requires precision and consistency as well as a thorough understanding of the essence of laws and jurisdictions. Our legal translation services cover a wide range of legal documents, including without limitation agreements/contracts, POAs, notarization papers, demand letters, company bylaws and legislations.

Accuracy is the most important factor in legal translation, which is why we believe that authentic experience in legal industry is indispensible to qualify our legal translators. Our legal translators are carefully selected from those having legal education or law firm working experience background.


Unlike legal documents or literature articles, marketing materials must emphasize the products and the target customers’ feelings. Marketing translation is very important in projecting a company’s image and brand. We are a veteran translation agency in terms of marketing translations, and have translated a wide range of marketing documents, company profiles, business plans, catalogues, leaflets as well as banners and posters.


Our translators in construction translation teams have a clear understanding of the construction terms and construction-related matters. We clearly understand the risks and rewards and the terminology and science associated with construction-related endeavors and we collaborate with our clients to ensure their materials are translated correctly.


Financial translation aims to serve in- and out-bound banking, retail and investment sectors. As banks and investment companies have become multinational, the demand for a professional financial translation company has been going up.

In a much globalized world, cross-border financial investments such as stocks, futures, options, bonds, debentures, commodities, financial indexes and cryptocurrency are pervasive in the 21st century. Due to its features of high liquidity, risk and volatility, financial investment is based on correct and timely decisions. Professionals working in financial and investment sectors require a translation agency to meet their requirements for quick-reading and understanding of the original text and help them save the precious time.

Our agency provides clients with accurate translations that help them make correct decisions. In addition, we deliver our translations to our clients in a timely manner, ensuring that the precious time is saved for them to grasp the opportunities.



Manufacturing covers a wide range of sectors, including IT hardware, electronics, household appliances, furniture, sports equipment, aircraft, and automobiles etc. Each sector has its own terms or jargons that can only be understood by those who had education background or working experience in that sector.

To deliver accurate and professional translations in manufacturing industry, we only select our translators from candidates who had solid working experience or translation experiences in the corresponding sectors. We’ve translated countless documents in those sectors, and those documents include but not limited to user’s manual, specifications, bidding documents, process documents.



Gaming includes gambling and video games. Most gaming translation works are actually to translate the games into local languages.

In this Information Age, game industry is one of the fastest growing in the technology sector, led by rapid overseas expansion. Online gambling and video games have become very popular among young people. Upgrades of hardware such as CPU, graphics card, memory and monitor as well as advances of programming technologies allow video game players to have more realistic sceneries and intense gaming experiences. The entire gaming industry churns out incredible revenues every year, a large portion of which is contributed by overseas markets.

Our agency has a team of translators who are both professional translators and video game players. Those translators are good at using accurate words and phrases to reflect the exact meanings of the original text, which can perfect fit in the particular game scenarios. With the help of our native video game translators, your game can be translated into local languages as if it were developed in the local languages.


Official website of a company or organization resembles the looks of a human being, especially when you are “come across” by a stranger who may have the intention to do business with you, and even more importantly when such stranger is a foreign buyer. With a well translated website you can impress your potential clients with professionalism and friendly attitude.

If you want to expand and trade internationally, your ability to communicate your intention, brand message, products and services accurately in the mother tongue of the target customers is essential to your success. Getting your website online in the language of your target market would not only increase your exposure to the market but establish an affinity with the local customers quicker than your competitors.

Our agency is specialized in translating websites for a variety of companies or organizations.



We also translate documents and materials in the industries that are not listed above. Feel free to contact us if your documents are not included in any of the above industries.