Proofreading & Transcreation


Proofreading is a must-have step of our written translation services. Any document translated into the target language is proofread prior to delivery. We strictly stick to our business philosophy that we only provide high-quality services and implement customer-centric practices. Proofreading our translations before delivery guarantees that our services are one of the best among our clients’ partners.

Proofreading, in addition to be an integral and necessary part of our translation service, also works as our separate business to help those companies or individuals who have relatively eligible translation skills but are not able to control the final quality of their translations. Feel free to contact us!


Basically, transcreation is used by advertising and marketing professionals to refer to the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context. Traditional translation is aiming to reflect the original text as precise as possible, therefore it’s strict, rigid and lacking of creation. In advertising and marketing industry, transcreation perfectly removes the cons of translation and is icing on the cake for the pros. With transcreation, the original advertising/marketing text is translated and customized to not only the target language’s meaning but the culture. Transcreation can help our clients avoid many of the pitfalls inherent in cross-cultural marketing, such as cultural differences, word usage,puns, idioms and slogans.

Our transcreation contributes much to our clients’ exposure in the target markets and help them improve their public image and reputation among their customers.