Transcribing & Subtitling


Transcribing is to convert video or audio conversations or voices into a written document format. The two most common media involved in transcription are audio and video. A written document produced by transcribing is usually called “transcript”.

Listening to a foreign language may be full of challenge for a local person. Unlike reading and writing in a foreign language which may give you enough time to search or even resort to other professionals, dictation usually requires higher level of comprehension of the source language’s pronouncing, rhetorical and cultural details. A qualified recorder should be familiar with the nuances in the original language’s pronunciation and wording styles, and have basic knowledge of the industry that the conversation is about.

As a professional translation agency, we have recorders who are adept in transcribing your videos or audios and transcribed a wide range of videos and audios in different sectors, including those about occupation trainings, TV programs, court trials and businessman speeches.



Subtitling is the process of putting the transcribed text to the films, television programs, video games, and the like, to make it synchronize with the dialogues or vocal expressions of the media. Compared with voice-over, subtitling can preserve the integrity and original audio effects of the source media, at the same time the audiences could understand the scenarios with the help of subtitles.

Our agency helps clients translate subtitles and do subtitling works.